Handmade Jewelry

One-of-a-kind jewelry inspired by good vibes, color co-mingling, nature and cultures & styles from around the world. All pieces are designed and handcrafted by me, Tonia. From earthy to funky, I dabble in a variety of styles, making each piece entirely unique. I love implementing contrasting colors and natural elements. You may also notice my admiration for big and bold earrings. Scroll through the gallery below to view pieces currently available for purchase. Toward the bottom, a second gallery displays my sold items, gifted pieces and personal creations- all of which are no longer available.

Enjoy the many expressions of my jewelry making.. and thanks for visiting (:

Currently Looking For a Home:

Interested in purchasing jewelry in the gallery below? Contact me and include the items' titles.. and we'll discuss payment options from there (: I can send an invoice to you via Paypal, or upload the item to my Etsy account- whichever is easiest for you!




Sold Pieces and Personal Portfolio:

Jewelry no longer available for purchase is shown within the gallery below. If you see an item/style you love... don't hesitate to contact me! List the admired item's number.. and request a custom order. Though I don't buy my beads in bulk, we can discuss what you like about it and I can do my best to recreate a similar piece for you. Custom orders can be placed for a nonrefundable $5/item fee, as I often have to shop for and purchase more supplies. An in-progress photo will be sent via e-mail to make sure I'm in line with what the client envisions. At this stage, you have a chance to voice your opinion and together, we'll come to an agreement of whether to continue, tweak, or scrap the custom order.


**The $5 fee covers a small portion of the time and effort put forth while creating a custom piece.