I live in a world of possibilities and you know what? You do too. No matter how frugal you must be, the hours you have to work and how many hostel bunk beds or couches you crash on to get there... globe-trotting is a reality for those who truly pine to. It's about desire and choice

If travel is what you seek, I sure hope travel is what you do.

Read on for stories of adventure, smiles, fear and friendship. Tips on where to catch dinner, grab a beer or have a traditional Kitenge made can also be found. Blog posts are from past, current and future excursions. 

Travel on, my friends.

Observations From an Outsider in Switzerland

Sitting with strangers while eating out is common when no empty tables are available. We experienced this in Chur.

Kiss 3 times on the cheek when meeting/greeting each other.

Soft pretzels, aka Bretzels, are a staple. They're everywhere. Bread, in general, too. Delicious fresh baked rolls are even found in gas-station-like convenient stores.

Knowing 4-6 languages is average. There are German, French and Italian regions within Switzerland. And, of course their secretive Swiss-German language is spoken throughout. (;

When you order a cup of coffee, expect a 2 ounce pour (half a cup) with no free refills.

It's hard for Swiss people to meet other Swiss. Most are pretty closed off to their own friend-groups. Approaching a stranger in a bar is odd. In the club, men will dance with men and girls with girls.

Speaking of grooving, expect to have lots of space to dance freely. The Swiss definitely don't touch like Americans do.

Castles and castle ruins seem to be found everywhere. Take a rail throughout the country and you can play a game of I spy castles with your friends.

The Swiss are very proud of their country, as they should be. You'll find Swiss and regional flags waving in the wind all over.

They're extremely pedestrian friendly, here. Anywhere there's a walkway across the street- all traffic will stop to let pedestrians go first, at any time.

Their beautifully old architecture is so well preserved. You'll find a casino within a building that resembles a US state capital and a grocery store on the ground level of the most intricately ornate and colorful structure.

Public transport is the way to travel for locals. The rail system is incredible and so owning a car simply isn't necessary.

More to come!